Diary of Wisdom and Love

The daughter of Our Lord appeared to me again in a vision

Vacone, Italy

My granddaughter was shown to me again in a beautiful vision I have received from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

At first I saw the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary kneeling and helping a small boy. She began praying and pointed to Heaven after making the Sign of the Cross. She was wearing a beautiful pale blue veil with white cloth underneath. She was magnificently beautiful, holy and pure.

She loved this child and cared for him dearly.

I was told this boy was an orphaned child. He was dressed smartly in shorts, a polo vest and shirt. He would have been about 5 or 6 years old.

He ran over to my granddaughter with her arms outstretched to greet him in the stone square they were. She picked him up and placed him on her shoulders.

She looked at the boy on his shoulders and tears ran down my face. She smiled at the boy with delight and love.

This mother of these children cares deeply for Him. She will have the Love of Christ in her heart. Mary Our Mother will be with her and He will show her His Way of Life.

I was asked to look again at the boy on her right shoulder and I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ in this child as an infant. This boy will be blessed.

“I am with you, Timothy.
Be at peace, this time is almost over.
Find your wife very soon.”

I love You, Jesus, please bring me to You.

“There is nothing to be afraid of about your child’s daughter.
She will be for me a holy woman.
She will be a mother of my children,
she will carry on the work I ask your family to do.”

Thank You, Jesus, please show us Your Way.
I love You, Jesus, with all my heart.
My life is Yours, O Lord.