Diary of Wisdom and Love

The dream I had from Our Lord the evening I arrived in Vacone

Vacone, Italy

There was a commotion which I got involved in at work. Someone did something they shouldn’t do and I reported it to my then superior. I regretted getting the man into difficulty and the next time I saw the man I greeted him and tried to befriend him once more but he ignored me.

The man was supposedly very successful at what he did. He did no more than waste the company’s resources. The man then tried to involve others and tried to get them to do his work. There was no more for this man to do than instruct others to do menial jobs.

There was another man in my past, a supervisor in the last 7 years, who I saw very clearly.

I woke up and knew I was awake. I saw a bright window in the room in the night, I was looking towards the inside of the room, there was no light in the room in the night.

I saw this superior of mine empty and without life, he had worked himself into this situation he found himself in. He had chased money all his working life, cheating and scheming and playing havoc with people he worked for, with and those he employed and managed. He was without hope, without life.

I asked Our Lord why He showed me this man. He was very much the man I knew but there was something which had gone on with him that I did not understand at the time.

He said to me that this man is still doing what he did to me and to others when I knew him.

He told me to warn the man to change. He was destroying himself from the inside. He was greedy and was causing his family harm. He needs to change right now.

I will not mention his name, but I have been told to avoid talking to him again. I have been told to email him and to prevent any reply.

I have been told by Our Lord to not be afraid. There is no slander in what I have said.