Diary of Wisdom and Love

The help Our Lord has given His servants today

Vacone, Italy

I was woken with news from His Servant, Elfriede, that she was struggling to find a payment to her landlord. I then found messages from my own bank demanding money despite having an agreement in place.

There was no money I had for myself.

I tried to find the money to help Elfriede, but I could not have this money myself. Our Lord Jesus Christ found money for Elfriede from another source and she has all she needs to pay the next month’s rent with her own income too.

This was followed by a call to the DWP to ask them to withdraw the benefits I was forced to take by the NHS while in detention in London in 2017. They were wrong to force me to take benefits from the state, I have never wanted to do this. In Manchester when I was incarcerated I resisted very much, and they kept me in detention longer because of it. They forced me to make amends with my parents and to accept their accommodation, all while preventing me from speaking the Word of God He was giving me to speak. It was wrong for them to do this too.

I have no income, but the Lord Our God provides me with everything I need.

I phoned my family and was greeted with more humiliation and abuse. My sister defamed the Lord Our God to my face.

She continued after this to deny the existence of Our Lord in our lives, that He did not provide us with everything in Creation.

I then called His Servant, Wayne, as Our Lord wanted me to hear some good news. He spoke of the book of my diary which Our Lord asked me to publish in print. Wayne and Tracey have received the book and they have been delighted to be reading His Word in print.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me Your Servants to be my friends and family. I love you dearly, my brother in Jesus, Wayne. Thank you for cheering me up this day.

Wayne told me of the gas meter that had a debt on it which prevented him and his wife, Tracey, from having any heat in the house. Our Lord Jesus Christ asked him to see His People in the Church and they could not help him right now.

I was told to send them a small amount of money, the very little that is in my account, to help them with this. They are now with warmth tonight thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord, for helping us when we have nothing.
Thank You, Jesus, for being with us when we have no one.
Thank You, Our Lord, for sheltering us, clothing us, feeding us and giving us the courage to speak Your Truth.

I love You, Lord Jesus, my life is Yours.