Diary of Wisdom and Love

The dream I received from Our Lord today

Vacone, Italy

I was resting after visiting the family who is hosting me. Our Lord told me to go to bed this afternoon after the journey and the meal.

As I was resting my eyes to sleep Our Lord presented me with a vision of a wooden cross and in front of this were hundreds of votive candles. I saw the prayer of His Sweet Heart printed in the way He has told me to.

This prayer, given to me by Our Lord, was printed on the image I was told to use by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

There was a dream after I slept given to me by The Lord God.

In this dream I was travelling in South America on a Pilgrimage to see His Holiness Pope Francis. I was with people who were homeless and needed shelter in a camp. We searched for funds to find this shelter, but the hosts refused gently to let us stay. I was told by Our Lord to bless this host and to walk away to another place to find shelter. We had everything we needed from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Then I was taken to this place in Vacone in my dream and my clothes were not washed. There was a woman who I had not known who disapproved of my uncleanliness. The journey I had taken was long and the woman was not kind. I was embarrassed and said sorry to the woman and went inside to clean my clothes.

I then called my Uncle in the dream before I woke. He told me to stay away from my entire family, that I was not welcome. I told him this was His Way of Truth and Life, that there was no other way to Him but this. He warned me to stay away again. He told me he despised me, that he thought I was satan. I pleaded with my family to stay with me, but no one answered His Call.

I’m sorry Jesus for any trouble I have caused in trying to find You. Please be with me while I feel so alone.