Diary of Wisdom and Love

Arriving in Vacone

Vacone, Italy

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Maurice and his wife who hosted me in Torrita Tiberina offered to take me to Vacone today in their car. They showed me great kindness in doing this for me and for this I thank The Lord Our God for giving them His Love.

The Errede family have been so warm and loving to me over the last 2 weeks in Torrita and I thank you, all of you, for your kindness and generosity.

I was asked by Our Lord Jesus Christ to give money to Maurice for petrol but the family refused to take this money. I was asked to speak to them His words, that this money they have given to me in lieu of the petrol cost and their time, will be donated to people who need His help.

When I arrived in Vacone the hosts of the guest house I have been brought to today took me straight to their Parish Priest here in Vacone, it is perhaps the last opportunity while I am here to see him.

The Parish Priest was welcoming and kind and wished me good Pilgrimage.

I asked the family who is hosting me to take me to the guest house and there I rested for about an hour.

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The family came back 1 hour later and took me to eat with their whole family in their home. This was an act of love and true generosity for hosting me today after my journey.

I want to thank the family who is hosting me for such a warm welcome this day.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing me to this mountain village.
Thank You, Jesus, for showing me this Parish.
Thank You, my God, for giving me Your Way of Truth.

The meal my hosts prepared for me was beautiful. Their family is blessed. Their sister-in-law who is with child was blessed by the Lord Our God this day.

Each member of this young family received His Truth. They all heard His Word.

There was a young boy who was taught through his father of Our Father in Heaven. He was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. The words He gave his father to say to this boy about His Body and Blood were words from Him. This boy will one day know what he has been taught about His Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Thank You, Lord, for breathing Your Word.
Thank You, God, for being Our Friend.
I love You, Jesus, thank You for showing me Your Way of Life.

I was told by Our Lord to leave the family to be together and to go back to rest.

These loving people of Vacone have given me food, shelter and prayer this day. They have the Love of Jesus in their hearts.

Thanks be to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.