Diary of Wisdom and Love

On sinful desire and the purpose of Life

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

These are His words. They are given to me, Timothy, to write to you, His people.

These are the words of Jesus Christ who speaks to me in His Spirit.

There are no words I have written which do not come from Him. No words have I been given which have not been written.

Sinful desire is an act against Our God.

Sin is done to Him.

Do not sin against The Lord Jesus Christ. He is Holy.

Sin is forbidden.

Sin is removing ourselves from the presence of Jesus. Do not sin.

Forgiveness is given to those who pray to Our Saviour and repent.

We have all sinned against Our Lord God. It is Jesus who forgives us of our sin.

Sinful desire is what we are doing in this day.

Promiscuity is sinful.

Marriage is where we must create life for Him. Life comes from Him.

Marriage is where we are with Him. Marriage is what He gives us. Marriage is where Life is found.

Man and woman were created. Man and woman are what He has given us. Man and woman we must remain.

Do not be confused by teaching of society.

What we have been teaching our children is sinful.

What Our Lord has given us is man and woman.

Do not sin against the Lord God.

We are all sinful. Love one another and show those who sin His Truth.

These are His Commandments for men and women.

Be with your woman. Be with your man.

Trust in The Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the Word of God. He speaks to me in Truth. He has given me every word which I have written.

Thanks be to The Lord God.