Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is the town who have His People

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

Three times I have walked into the centre of town to buy food with Our Lord giving me want to go at the hour He gave me want to.

Three times the very warm and loving owner of the bakery, Maria, gave me food from her stores. I am greatly honoured for being given these gifts by Him. She has the love of Our King in her heart. She is a true Christian, a person of God.

These people are warm and loving to their fellow men, His brethren.

I witnessed today the ingratitude of a couple of people I have come to hear about. There was a woman in the bakery today as I was speaking personally His Truth to the woman who was so kind to me. She stole His Peace from the room and caused a scene. When she began to confront me in Italian and I told her I did not comprehend what she was speaking she began to test Him.

She asked questions about His Mother, she asked Her age in the visions I received. While doing this a youth from the village was mocking me. Both of these people are not doing what they are being told to do.

I am His disciple. He is with me.

He speaks His Word through my tongue.

These are facts they wanted to mock.

They took what I have been given. This is a sin.

These are gifts for Him to give. How sinful it is to debate with the Lord God.

When these two people caused a stir in Maria’s bakery, my Brother Jesus told me to go. He comforted me and led me to a peaceful place to enjoy the gifts He had given me through His Servant Maria. Blessed be His Holy Name.

This is the generosity of these beautiful people: the warmth shown to me by the Errede family, by Maria and her workers, by the two coffee shops, by the local Priest, by all people I have come to meet here.

I hope to find Eric again before I depart.

Thank You, Beloved Jesus, for everything you have given me.
Thank You, my dear Jesus, for showing me Your Way.
I love You, Lord Jesus, please take me to You.
I adore You, Our Lord, my life is for You.

These are the words Jesus Christ has said to me right now:

“I have shown you My Servant, Maria.
She is with me, right now.
Send her My Truth in the diary I give you.”

Thank You, Jesus. I love You.