Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is a letter to His Servant, Wayne, incarcerated by the British People for no more than for being homeless

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

My brother in Jesus, Wayne.

I am very sad to hear news from your wife Tracey that you are being treated inhumanely by the British Civil Service.

It is wrong.

I will write to the Court in the United Kingdom and petition them to look into their heart. You know they will do only what they want to do to you and your family, His Servants.

You are being treated unfairly. Our Lord is with you.
You are being treated inhumanely. Our Saviour is with you.
You are being imprisoned unjustly. The Lord God Yahweh is going to help you.

These are His words He gives me to write to you, His humble servant:

“My dear child, Wayne.
Be knowing that this time will not be forever.
You are being treated unjustly.
No one should be imprisoned for what you did.”

The Lord God of Israel has spoken His Truth for you. All people will know that He is with you.

I will do what the Lord God Yahweh has asked me to do and write His Word to the Court on your behalf.

Take heart. Be strong. There is no more to do right now than rest and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is with you, in Body and Spirit. His Sweet Heart is for you.

Read these words and keep them in your thoughts when you need Him:

His Sweet Heart, my Light and my Life.
Be near me right now, another night more.
Be near me, Lord Jesus, in Body and Spirit.
Be with me I ask You, to bring me to You.
The Sweet Heart of Yours, is with me I pray.

The Lord God of Israel is with you in this time of great suffering.

Be at peace and know Tracey will go to Father Michael and ask for the help of His Church.

Jesus loves you, my brother Wayne.
I love you, my beloved brother Wayne.
I need you to be peaceful right now.

Be humble and accept the suffering you need to endure right now. Wait for your release and do not force your exit from the prison service in litigation. He will help you.

God is with you right now.