Diary of Wisdom and Love

These are the words The Lord God has spoken for His Servant’s wife Tracey, without food, without shelter, without the help of the British People

Torrita Tiberina, Italy


These are the words of Jesus Christ, your Brother, your Friend:

“I am with you. Be with Me.
You need to speak to My Servant, you know him to be Father Michael.
Speak to him today.
Go to his Parish Church, right now.
Explain to him what you know.
He loves Me.”

Tracey, these are His words for you. Follow what He tells you to do right now.

Leave what you are doing immediately and go to Father Michael and ask for Him to pray with you and help you.

He will know what to do.

You need to know I have no money whatsoever to help you with. I am struggling to live myself.

Be at peace, be with Jesus Christ.

There will be no more trips to Liverpool to see Wayne. Trust that the Lord Jesus Christ is with him in his suffering. He has made this known to me. His Word is Truth.

Peace and love to you, my sister in Jesus.