Diary of Wisdom and Love

The Lord’s Charity of Our Lady of the Lilies

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

The evening I left my parents home to live in central Manchester, the evening I was helping serve people on the streets of central Manchester with food, water and prayer, Our Lord asked me to do one more thing before I left to go home that night.

It was early October 2018. I was tired and had been humiliated by some young people playing with their skateboards in front of Victoria Station, near to Manchester Cathedral.

I had sat down as Our Lord instructed me to, to rest and as it became known to me later, to wait for the moment when He gave me want to serve the man sat down on the floor in front of a rubbish bin at Victoria Station.

I went to this man and asked him if he needed anything from the Lord God.

He told me he did not want anything.

Our Lord took my feet and walked me straight past the front entrance of Victoria Station to the food stall outside and asked me to buy the food I wanted, a beef burger with cheese, mayonnaise and onion. He asked me to buy water, which I wanted too. He told me I wanted a warm coffee, which I did when He told me.

I took these gifts the Lord had bought in my hands and He took my feet back to the man, starving, humiliated and very much in need of The Lord God’s help.

I gave the man, Wayne, the gifts Our Lord had bought for him.

He was malnourished, thirsty and very much in need of His Love.

Wayne ate and I asked him if He needed anything more from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I prayed with him, and from this time Our Lord began to speak to him.

The prayer was the one printed on the prayer cards He has asked me to give to everyone I know, everyone I meet, the same prayer He has asked His Servant Livio of Fiumicino to translate into Italian for His Pilgrimage of Truth and Life.

These loving people, Wayne and Tracey, were without anything.

They had been forgotten by society. They were being badly treated by everyone in Manchester for no reason than that they were without.

How can a person who is without possibly pay a fine for doing no more than asking for food from his sister in the street, who was very much with many gifts from Our Saviour.

People of England:

“This is My beloved child, Wayne.
He is with Me.
Bring him justice.”

The following week I was given want to go for lunch at work. This was not normal for me in those days. He sent me onto the streets outside my workplace in Cheetham Hill, just north of Victoria Station, and I am embarrassed for doing what I did in that 30 minutes.

Wayne called my name on the street. He saw me as he was walking into central Manchester from St Chad’s where he had been given the gifts of food and prayer from His People, the Manchester Oratory.

I was at work. I was very close to people who would not have appreciated having me serve Our Lord. I am very sorry, Jesus, for what I did that day. I am truly sorry, Our Lord, for not loving this man, Your Servant, Wayne.

Wayne needed no more than His Love this day. From that moment on, Our Lord has been bringing His Servant and I to Him.

Our Lord told me to withdraw money from the ATM for this man, His child, so he would have shelter again.

It was then about a week later that Our Lord asked me to take a walk down a road north of Piccadilly Gardens that I had not been down before.

He made it known to me that there were many shops and restaurants that I might want to see one day.

As He took my feet further down the road, I saw a man I recognised as Wayne, though I was not sure.

I stopped and looked and then Wayne looked at me. We saw each other and His Love entered my heart. He and his wife Tracey crossed the road outside Centrepoint where they were waiting for an evening meal. They spoke to me and I gave them some prayer cards which they wanted to give to their friends at Centrepoint.

He asked me to tell them to join me for a meal in the McDonalds on Piccadilly Gardens and He asked me to pray with them for the gifts we were all receiving.

At this point I saw 3 police officers watching Wayne and Tracey, both homeless, and became very nervous saying Grace in front of them given what was happening to me at this time.

I am very sorry, Jesus, for caring about myself before those of Your people. Please forgive me, Jesus, for not doing more for your people of England.

One of the police officers confronted Wayne and it became apparent to me that while he was jovial, Wayne was being intimidated for his situation.

Grace is to be prayed everywhere we eat. These are His gifts and it is right we thank Him for the food we eat.

Wayne and Tracey spoke of the wonderful gifts Our Lord Jesus Christ had given them in having His help in finding them both a place to be living, off the streets, which is what everyone needs. When I met them that evening this was still to be. It was to be another week before this happened.

When they moved in they had only basic provisions, a cooker, a bed and a sofa.

Our Lord God told me to buy them, as He asked me to do for His child David in London, a TV, a fridge and freezer and a washing machine. They arrived days afterwards and I asked them as is right to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the gifts He had given them. They insisted on thanking me every time they received something from Him, and I keep telling them not to do so.

At the same time, David in London needed furniture for his new flat that he had been given through Our Lord’s Providence.

Our Lord told me to buy him furniture, a bed and bedding, a sofa and many other items including a big television, for his small flat in London that Our Lord asked His Servant in the council to provide him with.

He then needed to buy a new gas cooker, as the one already there had been written off as a risk to public safety and it should have been provided by the landlord. I was told by the Lord God Yahweh to send him more than he needed to purchase second hand appliances. These were needed by David, and he refused for a while to accept my help. I told them they were gifts from the Lord God of Israel. He reluctantly accepted them, knowing he had received a lot already through me.

This was all just at the right time that these kind people needed His Saving help.

A few weeks before, His dear daughter Elfriede received His help too. He told her in August to take the flat in a retirement home in Manchester. She was provided with accommodation from the time she needed it in August 2018 through to the present day. At this time she could not make any payment whatsoever, especially when the letting agent asked for 6 months rent in advance. These are gifts from Our Lord God and Heavenly Father.

Thank You, Jesus, for giving me all these gifts.
Thank You, Jesus, for calling me to serve.
I love You, Lord, Your Will is perfect.

In this time, Our Lord gave me everything I needed to give all 3 families what they wanted in their homes.

There were many more people helped with much smaller gifts in those days on the streets of central Manchester and in autumn of 2017 before the NHS incarcerated me for a fourth time in London, the people on the streets of central London were witnessing this miracle too. These days were written in this diary.

This was shelter, food, water, clothing and prayer provided by Our Lady of the Lilies. The Charity of Our Lady is His Charity. He has given His People these gifts.

Our Lord worked miracles in those days. Many people all over the world are helped daily by Our Lord Jesus Christ through what He asks of His Servants. This is His People who are called to serve Him.

“Love My People.
Serve one another.”

These are the words of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is His Message of Truth and Life.
This is His Gospel.
This is His Word.