Diary of Wisdom and Love

The dream I received from Jesus before He spoke to me

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

In March 2017 I was praying to Our Lord a prayer for His Truth and Wisdom.

The prayer was said on the Crucifix and Rosary I had received from Him through His Servant, my F002. It had the medal of St Benedict and I was praying for Our Lord’s Truth. I was praying for discernment of my vocation from the Lord Jesus Christ. He had given me want to pray to Him and to His Mother.

The second dream I had in this period was from Him. I knew at the time He was speaking His Truth to me. I was asleep for 30 minutes. The dream was vivid, and He spoke His Word to me at the end of the dream, as I woke up. It was the same way He had spoken to me years before when I was 17, the night before an exam I had in college before I knew to be at peace.

I saw four visions in this dream. It was a journey from where I was in those days to where He was taking me to.

The first vision was of a parking lot with my then supervisor in the BBC. She was performing gym routines with a personal trainer and very much was busy doing what she needed to do.

I was taken away to see more on the route out of there and was affronted by a group of four heavily built men. They told me I was insane and took my arms and pinned me to a wall. They beat me. I was suffering and knew of Our Lord’s Crucifixion.

My F002 sheltered me and led me away from there. She told me of a friend she wanted me to go and see. His name was Gael. This name in Hebrew means Rejoice in Him.

In the days after the dream Our Lord Jesus Christ showed me the route we took to His House. It was through a beautiful garden filled with many colourful flowers and grasses, up a sweet garden path to a cottage in the country. He has filled my thoughts with this view here in Torrita Tiberina over the river of the Tiber.

In the dream I entered the house and my F002 left me at the front door. It was who she wanted me to speak with.

I entered the front room and there were many people I had been speaking to who all gave me their words, words He had been speaking to me. There were people, friends of my F002, who all offered me their view of what had been.

At last I woke, in my dream, and saw the bedroom of my F001's house I was living in at the time. I walked to the closed door of my room and as I put my hand towards the door handle the door grew and became like big gates into a corridor.

I walked through the door and found myself in the House of the Lord God. Everyone was peaceful. Everyone was at rest.

I walked into an alcove further down the corridor and I saw warm lights, like fire, lighting up the hallway.

I was at peace.

I then woke again in my dream and saw darkness. He spoke the words as though I could read His Voice:

“My People are with Me.
My People are at rest in My House.
I am at work through My People.”

I then woke and was astonished. At that moment I rose from my bed and went to see my F001. I asked him why he was at work. I knew at the moment he said to me ‘everyone has strange dreams’ that this was not about my F001, but it was Our Father in Heaven, the Lord God Our Creator who He was speaking of.

I settled to sleep once again and woke in the morning again in my dream.

I saw very vividly a single stream of bright blue and white light descending from the ceiling of my room to the floor. He moved to my right and I was terrified. I screamed out loud in my dream.

I woke again, and His Light was no longer there.

These are the words Our God has spoken to me right now:

“This was My Call in your sleep.
You answered My Call.
I took you more into My Kingdom.”

I love You, Jesus.
I adore You, God.
I want You, Our Father.

Please take me to You, O Jesus, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, My Lord and Saviour whom I adore with all my heart.

I love You, Lord.
I adore You, Jesus.
Be with me right now, I need You always.