Diary of Wisdom and Love

The beautiful lady who fed me today in Torrita

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

Our Lord walked my feet at the time He wanted me to go to find food in the centre of this peaceful hillside town.

As I walked towards the bakery where I had bought food the evening before to share with His People and to meet Eric, I found the lady serving people from the bakery was closing the shop.

I nervously walked past, a little disappointed knowing I would not be able to eat there, and Our Lord talked to the lady closing the store.

She stopped me as I was walking past to the supermarket, which was also closed, and she signalled to me and asked if I wanted some food.

I said, in my very much poor Italian the words I knew to ask for food from the bakery.

She opened the store again after it was closed and invited me in. She offered me what I wanted, the nicest pizza I could see.

I took money out of my wallet to give to her to buy the food she had prepared for me, and she told me to put the money away, that she was giving me this food.

My heart was filled with His Love for this kind lady, and one of her patron’s sat outside on a bench. The people of Torrita Tiberina are warm and beautiful, thank you for welcoming me into your village and showing me the generosity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I was given want not to put the money away. As I walked out of the shop, I thanked Our God for the beautiful gift I had been given. I gave His Blessing to the woman in the store and found a man in need of food.

I asked the man if He wanted some food, but he declined.
I asked the man if He wanted coffee, but he said no at the time.
The Lord God asked me to give that man the 5€ in my hand, and I was hesitant.

I was hesitant only because I knew not to spend money I needed.

But this man needed money too. Our Lord asked me again, and I was still quite hesitant to walk up to the man again and give him money.

Our Lord told me a third time, and at that moment I gave him without hesitation all the money in my hand.

I am very sorry Lord, for making a man beg for money I could easily give.
Please forgive me, Lord Jesus, for being selfish and thinking only of myself.

I learnt from Our Lord today what to do for this man.

After I had eaten, I sat in the coffee shop and the man followed me in.

Our Lord asked me to give the man a coffee, and I went to the counter. He asked for a soft drink to quench his thirst.

Our Lord asked me to take five cigarettes out of my pocket. I gave the man one. As he saw me count the four cigarettes out of the packet, Our Lord instructed me to give him the entire pack and keep only the remaining four.

This is what happened.

This is the gift I was given today from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be His People, Torrita Tiberina, feed His children.
Be His servants, People of Rome, practice His Gospel.
Be His children, listen for Him in your heart.

Thank You, Jesus, for showing us Your Way of Truth.
Thank You, Jesus, for taking me on Your Pilgrimage of Life.
I adore You, Lord Jesus Christ, my life is for You.