Diary of Wisdom and Love

On those suffering in poverty

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

People of Salford, hear what the Lord Jesus Christ has spoken to you:

“My People of My Diocese of Salford.
My People of My Diocese of Shrewsbury.
My People of the city of Manchester.
I want you to help My Servant, Wayne.”

This is His instruction to you, His Servants.

The Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to you, His brethren.

The Lord God has spoken His Word.

This man, Wayne, is in need.
This child of God has done no wrong.
This man, His Servant, has been wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit.

Asking for what one needs, is not sinful.
Asking for food when one has hunger, cannot be a crime.
Asking for money and being angered by insults received, is not the sin of this man.

Be knowing what this man is accused of.
The police who arrested him have acted within the law.
The law of the British People is sinful.

Vagrancy laws are sinful.

Vagrancy is not of their doing. It is our people who have wronged them. It is us who have sinned against The Lord God Yahweh.

End this hell for all those impoverished.
End their suffering.

The Mayor of Manchester has been sensationalising the acts which have not been performed.
The Council of Manchester has been sinning against Him.

I have witnessed before and after Christmastide more people on the streets of Manchester. Cold. Hungry. In poverty.

Help that was promised by those people with the power to do more has not been given.

This is the Lord God Almighty breathing His Word to you, His Church:

“More must be done, right now My children are suffering in this country.
The time is right now to serve Me.
Be with My Servant, Timothy, he has been doing what I told him to.”

These are His words. This is His Spirit of Truth and Life speaking to you, His Clergy.

These are acts of mercy which need to be done in the Name of Our Saviour:
feed Him;
clothe Him;
water Him;
shelter Him.

Open your hearts to His Truth.
Open your doors all people to these children of His Life.
Give Him food from your stores.
Give Him water from your wells.
Give Him clothes from your earnings.
You people are rich, but your spirit is poor.
You people have wealth, but their need outweighs yours.

Give to Him all you do not want.
Give to Him all you do not need.

His People are hungry.
His People are cold.
His People need His Love.

There is no one who will be forgotten in His Kingdom.
There is no one beyond reach for The Lord Almighty.
His Peace is for all people.
His Love is for all people.
His Brethren is all people. All races. All colours. All creeds.

This is the Word of the Lord:

“My children, suffering because of the greed of your rulers.
My people, in desperate need of Me.
Find Me in this time of great oppression.
I am with you today.
I am with you right now.”

This is His Kingdom.
This is His Day.
This is The Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth.

Thanks be to the Lord God of Jerusalem.