Diary of Wisdom and Love

The next days in Torrita

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

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Our Lord has asked me to travel the distance to Vacone, in the province of Rieti, Italy. He has told me to take the road to the north of Torrita Tiberina and find someone to give me transport to this peaceful mountain village.

I know not right now how I will find one person to take me there. I trust in the Lord Our God to show me the way to Vacone.

On Sunday, 3rd March, I will depart to Vacone.

torrita parish

He has been with me this whole Pilgrimage, and He has shown me very many wonderful things. He has given to me peace, enjoyment, family and prayer.

I love Him with my whole heart and want to take His Way to Him as I journey through the Italian countryside all the way to Turin and back to Rome.

He has told me to find time to be with Him. To know Him. To find His Way of Truth and Life.

He has found me what I need, what I desire, what I know to be His Truth.

Please Lord Jesus, show me this Peace of Yours.
Please, O God, grant me one more gift from Your Bounty.

Please tell my parents, my brothers and sisters, and my whole family, to trust in You. To do Your Work. To find Your Truth. To be with You right now. Please help me and my family, Our Lord God.

“This is My Way to Me.
This is My teaching for you.
This is to be heard by many people.
Be with these children of mine,
be near My City.”

Thank You, Jesus, for all that I am.
Praise to You, Lord Jesus, for all that You do.
Thank You, Our King, for giving us this day.

“Be here in Torrita Tiberina for one more week.
Visit My brethren and give them My Word.”

Jesus, I adore You. Please help me with the gifts of Your Spirit. Live in me. Breathe Your Word through my mouth.

“This is My Truth.
This is My Word.
Be knowing what you need.”

I need You, Our Lord. I need Your Word. Live in me, Jesus, make a home in my soul and breathe Your Word.

I love You, Jesus, please stay by my side.