Diary of Wisdom and Love

On marriage and desire for children

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

My name is Timothy, I am His disciple.

He has given me these words to write to you, the people of His Church.

These are the words He has given me to write to you, His People.

No words have I written myself, no words have I been given which are not written.

This is His Word.

We are given gifts from Our Lord Jesus Christ. Gifts of life.

The reasons for the gifts we have been given are with Him, of Him, by Him.

We are asked to bear fruit for His Kingdom, fruit of our loins. We need Him to give us desire to produce His children.

Everyone who goes to his wife. Everyone who goes to her husband. Every man and woman bears fruit for His Kingdom.

There is fruit to bring to Him, fruit of our birth, fruit of our children, fruit of celebration in His Creation.

Life is His to give. Life is His to be given. Life is His, and His alone, to give birth to.

Love is His to have, He bears fruit in our hearts for man and for woman.

Bear fruit for His Kingdom.

Bear fruit in His Truth. Those who are called to live without a child, have more gifts from Him.

Witness Him and give birth to His people.

Be with Him, never do without Love.

These are the words of Our Lord Giver of Life:

“My People, listen to Me tell you to stop living without My Life.
My dear children, have no more sin against My Truth.
Man and woman I gave you.
Man and woman I created you.
Man and woman live My Gospel.”

This is the Word of The Lord God Our Creator.

Do not be afraid, be His People.

Do not go to anyone other than God for His Blessing in your lives.

Be with Him right now, live His Truth.

Take your vows before God. Take your vow to love and serve your spouse.

Be His children.

Be His servants.

Be His family.

Man and woman we were created, man and woman we began, man and woman we are to be.

Men, love your woman in every way. Women, love your man and give him his children.

Men and women, love your family, raise them with His Truth, bring them to Him and baptise them in His Holy Name.

Those who are called to His Church to teach, to pray, to serve: be at peace and love His family.

Those called to His Way of Truth and Life: be with Him and teach His People.

We are all His People. We are all His family. We are all His children.

These are His words, His Spirit of Life is speaking to you, His baptised:

“I am with you, I am near you.
I am taking you to me, my dear children of mine.
Be My family here with your spouse.
Be My children here with My People.
Be My servants here with My Church.”

These are the words of Our Saviour who came to redeem us from our sin.

Men and women, join in matrimony to your wives and husbands. Know not to take anyone else in your lives.

Children of His, obey your mother and father.
Children of His, obey your Father in Heaven.
People of His Kingdom, find Him in your marriage.
Be with Him, in this Love He gives.

This is His Way of Truth, this is His Most Beloved Heart for us.

“I am the Way of Truth and Life.”

Blessed be the Lord God of Ours.