Diary of Wisdom and Love

On His Holy Spirit

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

I am with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Every word I am writing is written in His Spirit of Truth.

These are the words of His apostle, Timothy.

They are written in His Spirit. Every word comes from Him.

There are no words I have been given which I have not written. There are no more words to write than those which are written.

His Spirit is God.

His Spirit is Him.

Our Saviour is His Spirit.

He came to His Disciples as like a flame, descending upon them with His Truth to teach the world about Him. He came to us in Truth to witness the Truth about His Kingdom for His People throughout the ages. His Spirit is with us today.

He is Living. He is the Living Truth. His Truth is with us today.

His Disciples were given the gifts of His Spirit to preach His Truth about Him.

Be knowing the Truth about Jesus of Nazareth, the Truth about Our Lord and God.

This is our time to be here on Earth. To learn His Message of Truth. He has prepared His Way for us to be with Him one day.

Listen all of you, people of this day, this is His Truth speaking to you, all people.

“I am Your Life.
I am Your Hope.
I am Truth.”

This is His Word. This is the Word of The Lord God Almighty. This is Our Heavenly Father speaking His Truth to you, people of today.

Thanks be to God.

“I am He who came to speak My Truth.
I am He who delivers you from your suffering.
I am The Lord God.”

“Be My People.
Serve Me.”

This is The Lord God speaking His instruction to you, all people. From the lands of Egypt to the far east. All people bow to His Word. All people praise Him.

This is the Lord God Almighty speaking His teaching to you, all people. From Israel and Palestine to the land of America. All people listen to His Word. All people worship Him.

This is the Lord of all people, speaking to you His Word. Obey Him.

Be near Him.

Be with Him.

Go to Him, find Him in your heart, and listen to His Breath.

Thanks be to God.

“Be near Me, My children.
Be with Me, My servants.
Hear Me right now.”

This is the Word of Him whom He has sent. The Advocate. The Paraclete. The Counsellor. His Holy Spirit who breathes life to all people.

His Word is Truth.

Listen all who hear to the Word of Truth from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God.