Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord showed me a vision of His fall


I saw a Cathedral fresco painted on the central atrium of the Church.

At first I saw a lush tree of olives with bright green leaves. I saw the pillars of the Cathedral descend beside me.

The fresco changed and the tree began to blacken and the leaves turned to white hair. Out of this image appeared a horse raising its front legs, being heeled by its rider. The rider appeared and became a Roman centurion and had a very highly polished gold centurion’s helmet.

I looked down and I saw Our Lord’s cross and beneath I saw Our Lord suffering with its weight. Then I saw the whip in the centurion’s hand, lashing Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My Lord’s face was in pain and I saw His body burn like fire with His Light shining through the fire and all around Him. I saw His hand burn with this flame.

Our God’s body became that of the Lamb and the fire settled.

The head of the Lamb was black and His coat white. The fire grew like a silhouette beside Him and rested in front of Him. His coat blackened with the suffering He endured for Our Salvation and this Lamb became His Sacrifice.

I’m very sorry, Jesus, for what I did to you that day. Please accept my sorrow in atonement for my sins. Almighty Father, please accept my sorrow and the sacrificial Lamb of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in atonement for my sins.

Eternal Father, your dearly beloved Son died for us on this Cross. I am truly sorry for the sins I have committed against You. For the times when I have wronged You. For the words I have said against You.

Dearly beloved Son of the Father, You died for our sins, so that we may be one day be worthy of being in Your presence. May we serve You here in our exile while we wait to be worthy to be with You one day.

Lord, please forgive me of my sins.

“You are with Me, Timothy.
I have forgiven you, of what you did to Me.
There is more for you to see.”