Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then Our Lord gave me rest and I fell into a dream


I saw one thing when waking from the dream, a piece of paper with it written of my illness when I was a baby. It was blurred and difficult to read. Our Lord asked me to tell Him what it was I saw.

I didn’t say anything but disbelief I was this child. Our Lord told me this was who I was as a young infant, soon after birth, with problems that medical science could not solve.

It was the heat of the summer, I’ve been told by my parents, and Our Lord reminded me of a time I was told of a blood infection, but I still do not know what happened.

“This was you, as a child, and you were healed by Me.
You were prayed for by your dear family,
your F002, prayed for you to live,
she prayed for you to be for Me.”

“I have shown you another vision tonight of Jochebed feeding her infant Moses through My Providence for Israel.
This itself was a miracle, as I have shown you today.
Israel is My Chosen People.
Know more.”

Our Lord gave me knowledge of His People of the Kingdom of Israel who Moses led out of Egypt. His real Mother Jochebed fed him, nurtured him, gave him love, when his adoptive parents knew not to clothe him.

His sister Miriam appealed to pharaoh to grant Moses’ real Mother, under the guise of a handmaid, to raise the infant Moses. This was His Miracle.

His Mother gave up this child of hers without knowing anymore than her want to do so. Miriam knew to give this child away at the right moment to have him raised in pharaoh’s court. Miriam had want to take Moses back into the bosom of his mother. And this nurture ceased during the childhood and early years of Moses’ adult life.

When Moses reunites with his mother in Exodus he forms a bond so strong with her that it is impossible to have not received a Miracle from God.

Moses’ Mother for all those years had been watching her child from afar. Watching him grow with anguish into the man he was to become for pharaoh. She did not want this to be. Moses did not want this to be. This is another Miracle from the Lord God of Israel.

Moses knew in his heart that the injustice of pharaoh upon the Israelites was to end. He wanted no more than to serve Our Lord God Almighty and rescue himself and His People from the evil he was brought up to know.

“These are My words.
You have written in My Spirit.
There is a reason I have shown you this today, and it is to show your F002 and F001 what cannot be known by you and what you now know.
You have not had access to those records.
Only your F002 and F001 know what happened.
You were healed by My Miracle for your family.”

Thank You, Jesus, for the life you have given me in my bones and in my body.
Thank You, Lord, for the healing you gave me when I was a new born baby.
Thank You, Our Lord God, for giving me the gift of Your Miracle.

Our Lord showed me a vision of me in a maternity ward. He reached down to the ground and took the dust from the floor and poured it on my head and I became well.

He then showed another vision of a glass vial. He poured earth into a chalice and out of the chalice poured His Blood.

He took the chalice and rose it up towards a bright light in the darkness of my room and showed me a beautiful vision of a brilliant white Eucharistic Host which had inscribed on it His Holy Name in gold letters. Either side of the Eucharist were beautiful wings with flames pouring out of the feathers like streams of fire.

Then the bird rose up again and I saw it was the Dove I had seen in Manchester just before I left to Italy and in His Mouth was the pink rose of His Sweet Heart. The rose had no thorns and was lush with leaves which were a bright green.