Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is the route I took to Torrita Tiberina

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

Our Lord Jesus Christ told me to take the train from Fiumicino to Poggio Mirteto last Sunday. He gave me everything I needed to find the train and made me happy for my entire journey to Torrita Tiberina.

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In Poggio Mirteto He gave me the gift of food I wanted, and gave me rest before asking me to find a way to Torrita Tiberina, across the valley of the Tiber River.

When it became known to me from the bar I was being hosted in that there was no transport to Torrita on Sunday, Our Lord showed me His Way of Truth and Life over the steep hill to this quiet hillside village.

I set off knowing that Our Lord would find me the way over the river and up those roads to the top of the hill, and He showed me the shortest route there.

He asked me to walk on roads built many years before, now being used exclusively by transportation. He took me across the bridge where I was knowing to take photos of the beautiful valley of the Tiber.

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Then I reached the steep hill up to the guest house and my legs became very tired. I phoned my parents to let them know I was happy, safe and well, and set off up the hill.

When my breath was heavy and my feet were in pain I asked Our Lord for help to take me the rest of the way. He took my feet and set me on my way to this peaceful hillside town.

As I arrived at the entrance to the town He told me to break and I heard the Church of Torrita Tiberina sounding its bells ready for Mass at 17:30. I took time to catch my breath and Our Lord told me His people of the guest house were waiting to receive me. As I walked down the road towards the guest house they found me, took my bags and drove me the rest of the way, 100m down the road.

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These people of Torrita Tiberina gave me everything I needed that evening, shelter, food and prayer in this peaceful hillside town.

Thank You, Lord, for taking me on Your Way of Truth.
Thank You, Jesus, for showing me Your Way of Life.
Thank You, my God, for finding me this beautiful place to be on Your holy Pilgrimage to Turin.

On the way to Poggio Mirteto, Our Lord told me to reserve accommodation north of Torrita Tiberina in the mountain village of Vacone. I will depart there in 2 weeks time.

I love You, Jesus, please stay by my side.

Thank You, Jesus, please show me Your Way of Truth and Life.