Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision I received tonight from Our Lady

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

I was in bed going to sleep when Our Lady appeared to me in a vision.

She was praying and wore a blue veil and white gown. There was a tall jewel laden crown on Her head with red velvet underneath the peak of the crown. There were emeralds and sapphires set into the crown around its circumference and rubies, emeralds, diamonds and onyx along the four peaks of the crown leading up to a golden cross at the peak of the crown.

She smiled at me and nodded.

Before Our Lady appeared to me, Our Lord appeared to me in His Light in the darkness of my room.

He showed me shadows moving in front of the light that came through the shutters of the window frame and shadows above my head from the headboard of my bed. He told me He was moving in the room and I saw His Light on the ceiling moving around the room.

I saw His Hands rest above my head, and I was not frightened, I knew I was safe.

Before I went to bed I was looking over the valley of the Tiber from the terrace of the guest house. He showed me a display of light across the horizon of the valley. Out of the light I saw fountains and birds which danced in the sky in great flocks.

Then I saw large roofs of houses, each the size of a hilltop, each made of streams of light. They appeared and then vanished one by one all across the populated areas of the valley.

These people of Our Lord are His. They are with Him.

Thank You, Our Lord. Thank You, Holy Queen.
Thank You, for showing me these wonderful visions of You.

“These are My People of Rome.
This is the northern most place in My Holy See which you will see this spring time.”

I need You, Jesus, please show me the Way to You.