Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the gifts from Our God

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

I am an apostle of The Lord Our God.

I speak in His Spirit, I write what He tells me to write.

I am given this to write to You, His People of His Church.

There are no more words to say than what He has given me to write to you, His People.

No words have I been given which I have not written here in this letter to you.

I am His Servant. I am His disciple. I am His apostle.

These are the words from Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ that He has asked me to write:

“I am giving to you, My People, the gifts I have handed down to you through My Servants that have gone before you.
This is My Word.”

He has asked me to say two things about His Providence.

His gifts come from Him. He gives to us, His People, the things we need, the things we want.

Where do we want from?

Where do we find our desire to be His people?

What do we need in our lives?

He has taught me to be His Servant, to love and trust in His Spirit.

Be near Him and listen to His Word.

Everything good that we have, that we know, comes from Our Saviour.

Everyone in our lives, our friends, our children, our siblings and our parents come from Him.

Brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ, listen to hear what the Lord God says to you, His People:

“My brethren, be with each other in peace.”

The Lord God gives life to each of us.
He breathes His Word to each of us.
He sends us His Truth to make us His own.

This is where the Lord God works: in His servants He gives us the Spirit of Truth, this is Our God.

This is where the Lord Jesus Christ helps: in His People He asks us to be with each other in thanksgiving and praise to Him, this is our faith, His Gospel.

This is where Our Almighty Father gives: in everything we have, in everything we are, in all His creation we have time to learn to be with Him.

Jesus Christ has given us these gifts, these are His to give.

Be His servants and live His Message of Truth and Life.

“This is your time.
Know where you are going, to Me you will go.”

These are His words which He has given me to write.

These are words from His Spirit of Truth.

This is His Truth.

Thanks be to the Living Jesus Christ.