Diary of Wisdom and Love

The orphanage of my granddaughter


He asked me to rest and I received a phone call from the landlord of His Servant who helped me today.

She offered to help my good friend, His daughter in reducing the amount that would need to be paid upfront.

He then settled me to sleep again and I saw a beautiful vision of Our Lady helping a small child with a doll in her hand.

My granddaughter was with the child holding her other hand.

“This is My daughter.
She will be for Me a holy woman.
She will run My children’s hospice in the USA.
She is My daughter whom I will love.
Everything will be given to her, she will want for nothing.
Be My servant, find your wife.”

Thank You, Jesus, for showing me this child of Yours.
Please shelter her, give her love and never leave her side.
I love You, Jesus, my life is Yours.