Diary of Wisdom and Love

Filing a case with the European Court of Human Rights


The Lord Jesus Christ has given me instruction to file papers with the European Court of Human Rights.

“This case needs to be listened to by My People of Strasbourg.
This needs to be done soon.
My apostle, Timothy,
be near me when you need My Peace.
This case will not be easy.”

Please help me, my Friend, I do not know this way.
Please give me your saving help, my Lord, please shine Your Light in my heart.

“My child, Timothy, be with me today.
I will give you words to write to My people of the court in Europe.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your love.
Thank You, Our God, for sheltering me from those who persecute Your Holy Name.
Deliver me, O Lord Jesus Christ, from the suffering of those years behind me.

I love You, Jesus, I adore You.