Diary of Wisdom and Love

Dio ti benedica, gente di Fiumicino


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for showing me Your People here in Fiumicino.
Thank you, Lord God, for showing me Your kindness in the people of Rome.
Thank you, O Holy Spirit, for giving me shelter, food and warmth for two weeks in this beautiful town of Fiumicino.

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Tonight Our Lord gave me want of a coffee from the place I went before, but the man I received this gift through was not there tonight.

Our Lord asked me to walk on His Way of Truth and Life to the waterfront where I asked people on the way if they could provide me a coffee in the early hours of the morning. Everywhere was closing.

I came across a man at the waterfront who pointed me to a bar which was open at 2am. Our Lord took my feet and walked me into the bar and a very kind gentleman named Valentino served me a black coffee and a delicious chocolate cone. I offered him money but this gentleman Valentino refused and gave me both of these gifts. I offered him the prayer card Livio had printed for me in the hotel reception, but he declined saying he did not believe in Our God.

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I turned to the man behind me named Vittorio and offered him words from Our Saviour and Bountiful Redeemer Gesù Christo.

Our Lord said to me to honour Him in front of Vittorio and I praised the Lord God of Israel, Our Heavenly Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Majesty The Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me Your People of this seaside town of Fiumicino. I am blessed to be with You, Jesus. Alleluia!

Our God took my feet and walked me to the image of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth. He asked me to speak to Mary and praise Our Mother too with the words of Her prayer, Salve Regina.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ took my feet on the way back to my room on the east side of Fiumicino and He brought me to an office where His Crucifix is adored during their day.

Thank You, Lord, for showing me Your beautiful people. These people are Yours, O Lord, thank you for bringing me to this town.

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I love You, Jesus. Please be with me forever.
Please take me to Torrita Tiberina, and give me everything I need.