Diary of Wisdom and Love

The route I am going


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I am heading on Sunday 17th February to Torrita Tiberina through Rome.

I will be leaving the hotel in the morning and making my way by bus and train to Poggio Mirteto.

I will be staying in a guest house in Torrita Tiberina near the local Parish.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me this time.
Thank you, Lord God, for taking me on Your Way.
Thank you, my Brother, for showing me Your Way of Truth and Life.

“This is your time.
Be near me, and be My apostle.”

This evening He gave me want of a coffee. It was 2am in Fiumicino, and there is no where I knew of which was open. I asked at the hotel lobby where I am staying and the kind gentlemen at the desk told me to head to the water front.

As I left the building and began to follow the man’s directions, Our Lord took my feet and showed me the way to the hotel next door.

I explained to the man behind the concierge that I was not their guest and asked if they could offer me a coffee in return for money.

The hotel concierge offered me a warm coffee and I offered him thanks and God’s Blessing.

“This man helped you,
and He is My servant.
Be with him, my child, and thank him for his kindness.”

Please show me Your People, Our Lord.
Please shelter me from harm.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for providing for me.
Thank you, Lord God, for giving me what I want.
Thank you, my Friend, for offering me this gift of Your Way of Truth and Life.

This evening Our Lord sent me to the names and addresses of solicitors in Europe who may help me defend my case of defamation by the British government.

I will find out tomorrow from Our Lord what else is to be done for this.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for sheltering me from harm.
Thank you, Lord God, for giving me what I need.
Thank you, Our Lord Jesus Christ, for everything I have.

“Be near me, Timothy,
I am with you.
Be near me, My people,
I am with you right now.
Be near me, all people,
My Peace is given for you.”

I adore You, Jesus, I trust in You.
I love You, my Brother, my life is Yours.
I adore You, Our God, please show me Your Way.

“This is for My People.
The Way of My Truth, The Way of My Light, is for all people.
The Way of My Peace, is for all people.
The Way to Me, is to find Me in prayer.
Find Me in your heart, and know I am with you.
Find Me in your life, and know what I do for you.
Find Me, Love Me, Adore Me.
This is for everyone to know who I am.”

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of our lives.