Diary of Wisdom and Love

The three dreams Our Lord gave me


This afternoon He sent me to sleep. He showed me three dreams.

This was the first one:

There was a road to Rome and many people followed His Way. I was with my friends, His Servants, Wayne and Tracey. Tracey had conceived a child and we were all celebrating. Then we made our way to Rome and a red haze fell upon the city of His people.

I saw to my right a vision of myself walking on the Way and He told me He is watching over me.

This was the second dream:

He showed me a Muslim child who had gone to their father and asked him about Jesus. The father chastised the child and told him not to know anymore from His Word.

This was the third dream:

He showed me a beautiful 8 year old Palestinian child who was thirsty, starving, and in need of medicine. She was in tears and had bloodshot eyes.

Our Lord spoke to me and told me to write down what I had witnessed in these dreams.