Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the first covenant

Fiumicino, Italy

I am His Servant, Timothy.

The Son of God has asked me to write these words.

Every word is true, and there are no other words He has given me to write.

This is the story of Lot, Moab, Ishmail and all those who have taken.

Ishmail was born out of want for a child.

Abraham was given want to be a father of His people.

Our father Abraham asked Haggar to bear him a son. But it was not the son He gave him.

The Lord God took pity on Ishmael, Abraham’s first child. He did not give him the covenant.

Lot had two daughters and they lived in caves.

The two daughters wanted to have children.

They took the birth-right from God. Life is His to give.

They plied their father, Lot, with alcohol and committed sin. This line was to not be Israel.

Their sons were Moab and Ben-Ammi.

The gift of Prophecy is given by our God. Those who take it are not His.

Prophets are created by God.

His Word is unchanging. He spoke through His Prophets to proclaim the Good News of His coming. He chose Abraham and Isaac as His.

His Servants are His to choose.

His Word became flesh through Mary’s womb.

The truth is His Word.

Thanks be to the Lord God, Heavenly King.