Diary of Wisdom and Love

Invitation to the Holy See


The Lord God says to His Servant, the Bishop of Shrewsbury:

“This is My apostle, he has been taught by Me.
My Will is for this man to go to Rome.
Ask My servant, Stephen, to witness My Miracle.
He needs to find more in Rome.”

This is the Lord Jesus Christ speaking to you, Bishop Mark:

“There is time for My Church to be with My Servant, Timothy.
This time you will see My Truth.
Peace be with My people of My Holy See.”

This is The Holy Spirit speaking to you, Father Stephen:

“Find the next flight to Fiumicino and stay with My apostle.”

Listen to the Lord God.
Pray for His Truth and hear Him.

Bring me to You, Lord,
show me Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near me, Lord,
and never leave my side.
Take me to You, Lord,
take me on the Way to Your Light.

“Say these words to receive My Truth.”