Diary of Wisdom and Love

The distance He has given me


He has asked me to write His Word:

“Be with My people of this City.
Be with My servants, of this Country.
There will be many sights that you will find.
Be travelling My Way of Truth and Life.”

“This is your Pilgrimage to My Truth.
This is your time to be with My people.
This is My gift to you.”

“My people will help you.
You know only one town, there will be many people to see.”

Where do I go from here, Lord Jesus?

“The way to My people is long.”

Please help me, Jesus, I don’t know the Way.

“This is the Way I will show you.
Torrita Tiberina is where you will leave to next Sunday.
There is more than you know about My people.
Ask My servants to give you help.”

I am afraid, Lord, I do not know the Way.

Please give me the gifts I need to travel the distance to Torrita.

“Be at peace.
There is one way to receive My Servant’s help.
Ask me and you will receive.”

Thank you, Lord, for this gift of Your Way.

Bring me to You, Lord,
show me Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near me, Lord,
and never leave my side.
Take me to You, Lord,
take me on the Way to Your Light.