Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision I received when the Polizia entered my room


Our Lord God soothed me to sleep. He showed me a golden line through the door frame of the room and told me that the room is sealed with His Light.

Then I went to sleep.

Sometime in the morning I woke in His Spirit. I saw a tall well dressed man whose name was Jesus. The light was on in the room and I recognised Him. He stared at me and told me to be frightened, I screamed.

I then saw one Polizia and did not understand why I had anyone in my room. I looked around and began to see more Polizia. I was terrified to find my own hotel room invaded in the middle of the night.

I asked them “why are you here?”, “who are you?”, “what wrong have I done?”

They could not respond as I spoke no Italian.

They asked me to go with them and they took possession of everything I had in the hotel room.

“This is My disciple.
It was wrong for the people of the Police of the state of the United Kingdom to issue a search warrant for someone who had been in contact with his accusers the previous day.
He needs asylum with My servants in Rome.”

“My dear child, Timothy.
These were what was to happen.
You knew no more than what you needed to believe at the time you needed peace,
be at peace tonight.”

Thank you, Jesus, please be my friend.