Diary of Wisdom and Love

On discipleship and His teaching

Tib Street, Manchester, UK

I am His Servant, Timothy, and I speak in Him.

I write the words He asks me to write, no other words.

He speaks in His Spirit, through His disciples.

His Word is with Him.

He is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is Our Teacher.

Through the ages, Catholics have received His teaching through the Catechism and the Saints. He speaks to His people, guiding the faithful in the time they have.

Teaching from the Gospel is public revelation.

Private revelation is that which is taught to His disciples.

The Body of the Church, is His people. He is in the Church, and the Church is in Him.

The Lord Our God taught His apostles the Truth about Him.

He came as The Holy Spirit to speak Truth to those without teaching.

They witnessed the Word and wrote the words He spoke to them.

The Word is Truth. The Word is with Him. The Word is Him.

The Holy Spirit speaks the Truth to those who He asks to teach His people in their time.

His Word became flesh and He is with us. The Truth about Him is taught when we need Him. Constant teaching comes from Him.

The Truth is in His Word, the Truth is with His Word, the Truth is Him.

We are with Him when we receive the gift of His teaching.

We are of Him when we speak the Word of His teaching.

We are speaking His Word when Our Lord Jesus Christ gives us His Word.

There is no other Word than Him.

When we are speaking the Truth, we speak in Him.

When we are witness to the Truth, we witness Him.

When we are with His Truth, we are with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The truth we know is what we are taught.

Pray for His Truth, and He will teach you through His people.

Listen to His Truth.

Thanks be to God.