Diary of Wisdom and Love

The Lord Our God commands you


There is more that I have been told by the Lord Our God of the apocalyptic revelation of His Servant John.

“Mecca is not the birthplace of a prophet.
Ishmail is not the father of Mohammed.
Arabia has been no more than sinful.
Listen to me, my servant.
Write what I say.”

There is wrath upon those people.

Listen and know what the book of His revelation says to you.

What line of succession does Mohammed claim?

He claims birth right to the Kingdom of Israel through Haggar’s son Ishmael.

Abraham’s descendants were many. The promise of Israel was given to them. They knew not at the time of Mohammed that carbon dating would prove him wrong.

The Universe was created, Our Lord provided all people with the gifts we have.

Use the gift Our Lord has provided in the last 100 years to analyse that rock.

Read, think, and understand to those who will know. The Universe was formed with His Own Hands.

Believe, He gave all we need to be His children.

Ishmael was sent away by Sarah, and they were sent by Abraham to the desert.