Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the four horsemen

Tib Street, Manchester, UK

This is a letter from His Servant, Timothy.

I am a servant of the Lord and I am writing in His Spirit.

This is the truth from the Lord Our God.

The Lord God has given us one prophecy through His Servant John of the end.

This is the Word of God.

In Exodus Moses warns pharaoh many times of the impending end of his people. The Lord God spoke to Moses and gave him prophecies of plague, famine and locusts.

Moses warned pharaoh of the end that was coming. That man ignored all the signs he was given by God.

Suffering is what he brought to the chosen people of Israel. Those people enslaved the Israelites.

Conquest, slaughter, starvation, death were what happened to those people.

Listen now to what the Lord has told all people:

“Suffer and perish at your own free will.”

The Lord God freed His people, the innocent children of Israel.

The Lord God handed down His judgement.

The people of jihad, know what the prophecy of St John says about your end.

Slaughter. Starvation. Death.

Know what is written and stop.

Death is not the end of your suffering.

Know what the Lord God says.

Know what happened to the evil in 1945. It perished.

Those people perished for what they did to God.

The people of brutal slaughter, conquest, starvation and death will lead themselves to their own end.

Know what the Lord God says to all people.

End war now.

Have mercy on us all.

Thanks to the Almighty Father, forever and ever.