Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the false prophet of revelations

Tib Street, Manchester, UK

I am His servant, Timothy.

The Lord has given His people these words for me to write.

In truth I am writing all the words I have been given by Him to write.

There is no more to write than these words He has given me to write.

I have been given the gifts of His Spirit.

He has asked me to write about the false prophet of John’s revelation. These words are what He has given to me to say to you. There is more I know than I am given words to write.

He sent His Spirit to teach us the Truth about Him.

We know from Jesus Christ’s words written in the Gospel of John that He was sending His Spirit to teach us in our day. How can we have teachers when there is no-one to know the Truth?

Throughout the ages, Church teaching has been given to us through His Spirit. He has fathered His people and taught us what we know today. We receive His Word to reveal to us what we need to be doing in our day. His Spirit of Truth is Our Teacher.

Priests, bishops, His Eminence the Bishop of Rome and all His Saints receive His instruction and reveal His Word to His people.

The Gospel is the public revelation of Jesus Christ.

He revealed to His Servant John a revelation of the end times. His Word is Truth. These were the words He gave to St John.

The Lord has taught me about the false prophet of this Book.

He is anyone who claims a prophecy which Our Lord has not given them.

We know in our day of at least one powerful false prophet whose people are in desperate need of receiving His Truth.

How do we know the Truth about that person?

Did he survive the end? Know they are in hell.

To know Our Lord is to be His.

Those who are against Him are not His.

He is Jesus Christ.

Why did he say he was the son of Ishmael? Because his lineage is Aramaic.

Why did he claim a rock was from Heaven? Because he was sinful.

Why is he no more? Because he denied the divinity of Our Messiah.

His teaching has caused suffering. Both for his followers and the rest of the world.

To know His Truth we must pray for the Spirit of Truth, who is God, to speak to our hearts.

Why do his followers want this? They want to find Him, they want to know who is speaking to them.

Believe in the Spirit of Truth and know He is God.

He is the Spirit of Truth.

The false prophecies were never verified. Science can verify easily what that man claimed. No one has let this happen.

Be confident in your faith.

The subjugation of women, is against Our God.

The people of Islam know this.

One day they will know this is true. Our Lord has made this known to me.

One world He gave us. One people He created us, man and woman.

Authority is given by God. Those who take it have perished.

Where will the people of Islam go for the Truth about God. They go to their Imams who teach no more than their fathers taught them. Why is it so?

Pray to God for the Truth.

In the beginning we were banished. The first born created an Altar to offer gifts to the Lord. Their offering was holy when it was blessed by God. He gave them those gifts so that they would know Him.

Be with Him in thanksgiving for what we receive from Him.
Be with Him in prayer and ask for His Truth.
Be with Him right now.

Peace to all people. This is the gift of Our Lord.

Holy is the Lord Our God.

Jesus Christ His only Son was made man.
He spoke to His people.

Gifts are His to give.
Truth is His to say.
God is with all of us.

Thanks be to God.