Diary of Wisdom and Love

On free will and the desire to serve

Tib Street, Manchester, UK

I am His Servant, Timothy.

These are the words Our Lord has given me to write.

He is speaking His Word to His people.

The Word of God speaks through the hearts of His people.

He breathed His Word to His Servant Abraham. And His Word became flesh.

He gave His people the will to serve Him. And so they did.

He sent His Spirit to teach us to be with Him. And so we are.

He says. And it is.

He gave us the desire to be with Him. And there we will go when we want Him.

How do we know if our desire is sinful? It is known to each one of us what we are told.

Speak to Him and know the Truth.

There is time for us to know the Truth about Our Lord. We will know Him when we are with Him. He is with all of us, right now.

There is more for us to know in this world, before we meet Him in Heaven. For eternity He will grant us rest.

Why are we being taught? He is Holy. We are not.

We will be with Him, when we know Him. He loves us and is bringing us to Him.

We will be with Him, when we serve Him. Clothe Him, feed Him, shelter Him.

Just as we are served by Him, so must we serve His people.

Ask the Lord Our God for the will to serve Him, and He will provide you with the gifts you need.

Our late Pope, St John Paul II, was shot in the abdomen, and he was told by Our God to go to the assailant and forgive him. He is holy. He is with Him.

St John Paul II had the desire to go to that man because Our Lord gave him the desire to do so.

Why did that man fire that pistol?

Wilful desire is free will. Our Lord speaks to our conscience, and we know what is sin. Why then do people not listen to Him? Why do people sin?

Harden your hearts, and you will not know Him, you will not hear Him, you will not go to Him.

You have time in this world to ask Him for forgiveness. Forgiveness is healing. Our souls are healed when we go to Him and want to repent of our sins.

And when do we know we are being taught by the Lord Our God?

His Spirit speaks to the hearts of His people. Constantly.

Thanks be to God.