Diary of Wisdom and Love

On conscience and mental health

Tib Street, Manchester, UK

My name is Timothy, and I am a servant of God.

These words are a true account of what Our God has asked me to write.

Every word has been given to me to write to you, His people.

These words are Truth, and they come from Our God. There is more that has happened that I cannot write in this letter. There are not enough pages available to print all the words I have been told to write.

He will give to all people the gift of eternal life.

Muslims, Jews, Christians all share one belief. And that is, to preach the Good News about Our God.

There is one key part of doctrinal difference, and that is the faith we Christians share:

Our Lord God reigns, through His Son Jesus Christ, who is Himself Our Lord God.

He will be with you, all of you, Muslims, Jews and Christians, and even those who do not know Him.

He is God to all people. Every race, nationality, and belief.

When we go to Him, Our Lord will ask us one question:

“Do you want me?”

What does He mean by the word “want”?

We want when we are given the desire by Him. All good in this world is done by Our Lord Jesus Christ giving to us those desires. It is not chemicals that determines our behaviour, but it is that God is talking to us through the gift He has given us in our conscience.

Why are we given a conscience? This is the Will of God.

He has asked us to be with Him in the paradise of Heaven. Where we will be with Him, and He will be with us. There we will know Him, there our souls will be reunited with those gone already. This is our destiny, a destiny we rejoice in knowing.

The question many in this world are asking today is: where is Our God right now?

He is with us right now.

I know this, because I have witnessed Him.

He has been with me all my life. He has been talking to me continually since March 2017, when I was most in need of His saving help. He has delivered me through the hard times that I’ve had. He has sheltered me, clothed me, fed me and provided me with a want to go to Him. This is what I asked for when I prayed to Him in March 2017.

He asked me to be His disciple when I asked Him to shine His love in my heart.

I told my parents, I told the priests, I told the mental health system. Not a single person believed me.

Our God is with me.

Our God has given me everything I have, and He has promised me everything I have ever wanted.


He has asked me to write my diary which He has written for me. Every word has come from Our Lord.

There was a man in Trafalgar Square in 2017, he called himself Dreamweaver, and he was not a man who believed in Our Lord. He wanted to pray, when Our God gave him the want to, and he listened.

I have been taken into hospital by the mental health system because of what I know is true.

They showed me what it’s like to be there, and for this I am grateful.

While I was in hospital, I was shown the suffering that His people endure every day as a result of the laws of the nations that claim to be Christian. Abuse, humiliation and incarceration are really what these hospitals are doing.

Our God does not want those places to have ever existed.

They are asylums.

They are prisons.

While the people that have brought them into existence believe the people they hold need treatment, the reality is no-one here on Earth really knows how the mind is brought into being.

It is so, that the chemicals that they are pumping into the bodies of the patients in their care are causing lasting damage to not just their mental health but their bodies too. They are suffering because of these actions.

The chemicals do not work.

Not only do they cause drastic side effects, they do not understand really why they are even needing to prescribe these medications. Most people under their authority need just to have peace and heal from the damage they have received in their lives.

This peace is found in prayer.

Prayer to Our God.

Never will we know what the Lord God needs from His people, if we ignore our inmost knowledge of what we know is good. The psychiatrists treating patients believe they are being told that they need to treat these patients with chemicals. This is not true.

There is more they need to know about who Our God is.

Muslims, Jews, Christians alike know He is with us. Pray to Him.

How then can an atheist practitioner really help these people?

How will these doctors, chemists and biologists ever know how they need His help, if all they do is drug them, incarcerate them and infringe those civil liberties Our God has given them. These are His words.

Not one more word needs to be written.

But they will still not believe.

Look today at me, a man persecuted by the mental health system for my faith in the One true God. If it was not for my trust in Our Lord, I would be incarcerated in hospital with no chance of any future whatsoever. Instead, Our God has spoken His Truth to me and shown me how to set myself free.

People have faculty, a gift Our God has given them. Let them use it and decide for themselves what they want to do to their bodies.

Where do people get the desire to cause harm to themselves? They are not ill. They are not mentally incapable. They are needing freedom. They are needing peace. They are needing love.

They need to be healed by God.

The laws that enable the doctors to enforce treatment are wrong. They are abusing the civil liberties held true by our nations. They believe that those who they believe to be sick to be given time to heal under their care, but there is in truth no healing of any of those people.

How often is a person really healed by the mental health system?

Once they are admitted, they are never allowed to leave the system.

How much does it really cost to run the mental health system? How many people are incarcerated indefinitely under the archaic asylum laws? People are readmitted time and time again because the drugs don’t work.

People who have had abuse in their lives need His help. The gift of healing.

I witnessed this in my good friends who I met in hospital. We prayed together and the traumatic thoughts they had been burdened with since the time they were abused had been healed.

Prayer delivers us from our suffering.

Go to God and ask Him to take you to Him, and He does this for you. He has given me a prayer, which I have asked this column to print alongside this letter. These are His words that He gave to me to ask others to say to Him when they are in need of His help.

All good comes from God. And it is to God we must ask Him for this goodness.

Thanks be to God.