Diary of Wisdom and Love

The help Our God is giving to His people


“My sweet heart has been revealed to my Church.
I am speaking with my servants, right now.”

“They will know, because I will speak to them.
They will know, because My Will is so.
They will know, because My Word is in their hearts.”

“My sweet heart is my love for my people.
My sweet heart is the end to the suffering of my people.
My sweet heart is with those who pray to me.
Ask for my Sweet Heart, it is for my people.”

“Ask for me to take you to me.”

“My love for the world is never ending.
I am with my people anywhere they are in need.
Such is my heart with unending love for my people.
I will give you, Timothy, what you need to build a family for me.”

“My people are in desperate need of the help of my Church.”