Diary of Wisdom and Love

God has spoken


“My dear child, the time is now for you to know the truth of what happened to you in hospital.
You know the suffering that you witnessed in the hospitals you were sent to.
People were suffering at the hands of those cruel laws.”

This is what the Lord God says to the mental health system:

“These people need to be released.
My Will is for all people to be free from the laws that bind them to what you are doing to them.
My people need me to speak the truth to them about what these laws you use are doing to those who are in need of my help.”

“Be at peace, this is all my people need.”

To all those incarcerated by the mental health system, the Lord God is speaking to you:

“Help is near for you, my suffering children.
My Church will plea for your release.
There is more that they need to do to give you peace.”

To psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and workers, the Lord God has spoken His Solemn Word:

“Medicate no one, instead give them your love and care.
Imprison no one, instead visit them in the comfort of their homes.
Tell no one they will abandon my people, instead support them and preach my Gospel.
Never teach my people, who want me, to abandon their faith in My Word.”

“There is no more than asking for me to heal you.”

These are the words spoken to me by the Lord Our God, Our Creator, who is suffering with His people.