Diary of Wisdom and Love

The Lord God promised us these children


Then Our Lord asked me to rest and I went to sit in the dark in peace.

He then showed me the image of a beautiful young girl about 4 years of age who looked like the woman who will be my wife. He made known to me that the girl would be our fifth child. I recognised grass she was standing on and the walkway from films set in Manhattan.

“This daughter is your child.
She will be for me the great grandmother of a holy man.
The fourth child will be another daughter of yours.
Three other children you will have together.
They will all be blessed in my Holy Name.”

He then showed me the man one of my daughters will marry and they will have at least one daughter.

“This man will love your daughter.
Be his father, and share in the joy of their children.”

“They will have one child who will be for me a holy woman who will serve my Charity and provide shelter, food and water to the people most in need of my saving love.”

He showed me the woman that will be our daughter in a wedding veil with her husband by her side, and He told me that I would have help speaking His word at her wedding.

He then showed me one of their grandsons at the age of 74 at a fund raising gala. He told me this man will be loved and he will be entrusted with His Charity by Our Lord Jesus Christ. He was presenting an award to an elderly lady who was sat down in the audience.

He showed me the woman who would become the grandmother of His Servant, my wife’s daughter. She was holding her grandson in her hands and looked at him with joy. She had many similarities to my paternal grandmother.

“You will be bringing to me many children.
This is the promise I give to you and your wife.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ, please let it be so.

I adore thee, my Lord God. Thanks and praise to you, forever more.