Diary of Wisdom and Love

The dream Our Lord gave me


He sent me to sleep this evening and gave me a dream in which I was cocooned in a tent. He warned me of a flood that was about to happen and told me I would be kept safe. He told me there was water and I received an image in the dream of a pipe bursting. This caused a flood and the tent I was in was washed into the sewers underneath a city. In my tent I was safe from harm and I saw a statue of Our Lord Jesus Christ above me on a large glass ceiling.

He asked me to pray to Him and I began to pray the Our Father.

He told me in the dream to inflate a life raft and told me to hold on to the handle of the raft’s inflation cord.

He then woke me and above me in the room shone His Light as though like a constellation on the ceiling. He was beautiful. I continued to finish praying the Our Father and then He told me to stop prayer.

He sent me to sleep again and showed me water rising. He told me to know there was water and woke me again to see His Light shining in my room like shards of quartz.

My F001 then phoned me and disbelieved everything I told him had happened in my sleep.