Diary of Wisdom and Love

Thank you Lord


“I have given you another gift.
Find this woman and make a family of your own.
Find this woman and make her your wife.
Find this woman and bring me your children,
and your family will be blessed.
I will make a home in their hearts,
they will be mine.
Call them what you will know they will be for me.
These are your children.”

He showed me a beautiful woman who was younger than I and four children, one of which looked like my sister at the age of two. Another who looked like the woman I will marry. He showed me two of our grandchildren one who looked like the woman I will marry. Their mother wore a gold crucifix pendent on a chain around her neck.

Bring her to you, Lord.
Please be her friend, as you are mine.
Please bring me this woman, Lord.
Please give her what she needs.

“She will have what she needs from my bounty.”

“This is your wife.
Love her with your whole heart,
and never let her go.
There is a way to meet her,
find her soon with my help.”

Alleluia! All glory is Yours Our Heavenly Father! All glory is Yours Our Lord Jesus Christ! All glory is Yours in the name of Our God, His Majesty The Holy Spirit! Alleluia!