Diary of Wisdom and Love

Another daughter of Our Lord


Our Lord gave me rest before dawn and He filled the room with His Light. His face appeared to me in His Light and He comforted me.

Then He showed me a vision of Our Mother Mary in a beautiful white veil and blue dress baptising children alongside another woman also dressed in blue. They looked alone in the wilderness baptising children in the shimmering light of a large stone baptismal font. Out of the font appeared an orphaned boy of 8 years of age and he was lost and alone.

That child was mothered by Mary.

O Lord, give to us a saint from your brethren who will mother these children as Your Mother Mary does.

“Another child of yours will bring into the world a daughter.
She will add to my brethren.
This daughter of mine will serve my Charity.
She will offer her life to me.
She will want for nothing.”

Thank you, Lord, for this great gift for our children. She will be a blessing to our child.

Then I saw our grand-daughter praying before Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He placed His hands on her head and out of them shone His Light.

Our Lord held her in His arms and she was comforted.

Then appeared His Holy Crown of Thorns on the head of Our Lord and I saw Our King crucified on His Cross. His flesh became black with the blood of His Scourging.

He made known to me that my grand-daughter will receive great visions from Him and she will offer her life to Him.

O Lord, please shelter this child of yours from persecution and give to her the gifts of Your Spirit.

“This child will be oppressed by the society of her day.
She will become for me a holy person.
Teach her father to give to her the bosom of my Divine Heart.
Show to me this child, and she will be blessed.
My Will is for this child to be taught by me.”

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done.

Alleluia! Alleluia! You are giving your people who suffer another servant to be Your Own. Alleluia! All praise and glory to Our Saviour, Christ the Redeemer! Alleluia! Alleluia!