Diary of Wisdom and Love

Jesus Christ called me in the night


The Lord God has spoken to me in the night:

“I have given you all that you need to be my servant.
Go now and be with my people who are in desperate need of my help.”

“There is more for you to know.
I will be with you right now.”

“Be with my people right now, and know that you are serving me.”

“Timothy, you are mine.
Be with my people right now.
Answer the calling I have given you.”

“Give to those I love the gifts I have given to you to share with them.
They are my people.
Their suffering is known to me.”

“They are with me, they are in me and I in them.
Share the gifts you are receiving with all my people.”

“Be with my people.
They are in desperate need of the help of my Church.”

We need you now O God.
Be near us now, Lord, and never leave our side.
Be with us we pray, right now and forever.
The Sweet Heart of Yours, is with us we pray.