Diary of Wisdom and Love

The suffering Jesus has foretold


“I will give to you, Timothy,
all that you know I have given to my people before you.
They are with you too, Timothy.
My will is for you to be free from trial and tribulation,
for those who persecute me to take leave of what they are doing to me.
My servants you know of from my Church have suffered abuse and humiliation throughout the ages, and it is time for you to hear from me what is to happen to you.”

“You will suffer more and more because of me,
you know not how much suffering this causes to my sweet heart.”

O Lord my God, I am Your willing servant. The suffering I might endure in Your Name is nothing because of the gifts I am receiving from Your Spirit. Make me worthy, O Christ, to suffer the abuses that society will bring upon You. Make me holy, O Jesus, and lead me to Heaven.

Your Sweet Heart, my Light and my Life,
be near me right now, another night more.
Be near me now, Jesus, in Body and Spirit.
Be with me I ask You, to bring me to You.
The Sweet Heart of Yours, is with me I pray.