Diary of Wisdom and Love

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!


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As I sang to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, Her face began to move. Our Lord told me only to look at Her heart. Then Our Mother showed me Her heart moving in front of Her. Our God asked me to sing the words Ave Maria to Our Lady.

Her Heart was glistening with the radiance of The Holy Spirit. Her Heart appeared to float in front of the image of Mary in full colour and three dimensions. I continued to sing the words to Ave Maria, but She asked me to stop. My voice grew weary and He asked me to look again at the image of Mary. Her Heart began to beat and He asked me why is Her Heart beating. He told me that She was full of life.

He then asked me to look again at Her Heart as I began to write in my diary. I saw reflections around Her Heart, reflecting light from The Holy Spirit.

Earlier in the day as I was praying the Salve Regina to Our Lady, I saw Him glowing in Our Mother’s hair in the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Then I prayed His Sweet Heart and turned to Our Lord as Our Lady asked me to. I saw Him move in front of my eyes. He told me to go to the living room and step close to the large image of Him. As I was praying to His Sweet Heart His face turned towards me and He nodded at me and smiled.

Then He asked me to look at the image of Our Mother Mary again, and asked me to verify what I was seeing. I looked at the picture frame and saw the shawl of Our Lady move in and out of the frame. Her face, hands and Heart all appeared in three dimensions to me in front of my eyes.

Today as I gazed at the face of Mary, Queen of Heaven, She showed me many faces in the image of Her Immaculate Heart. First there was an older woman I had not recognised, Our Lord told me it was Mary later in Her life. I then saw St Teresa of Calcutta wearing her veil.

Thank you St Teresa, for showing me your face, and for being with those who needed His help. I pray, St Teresa, please intercede for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that I may be made worthy to serve Him as you did for so many years. Please help me serve those afflicted with suffering and poverty, as you did with the help of Our Lord. May I know you more and more.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Immaculate Mary our hearts are on fire! That title so wondrous, fills all our desire! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!