Diary of Wisdom and Love

What He has done for us in the last two days


He has sheltered, clothed and fed me. He has provided me with family who love me. He has given to me all that I have, and more. He has saved me from my iniquity.

Yesterday I was suffering from severe back pain and I had to wait in a walk-in clinic for an hour. The queue was long and I was seen by a triage nurse. As I got up I suffered excruciating pain in my upper body. The nurse informed me that I would be waiting for two hours. After visiting the triage nurse Our Lord told me to go to the pharmacy and tell them I needed something for the pain. Before I left the house He told me that the pain would be no more once I had taken a tablet.

Even before I took the tablet, the pain had vanished. The tablet did not do anything at all, it was Our God who took away the pain I was experiencing.

Today as I have been working from home, He has taught me to trust in His power. He showed me that He can do anything in His Kingdom, and He will do to save His people from their iniquity and suffering.

Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory and praise and worship to Our Lord the Redeemer, who saves us from sin and protects us from all pain and suffering. Alleluia! For Our God has taken away our tears and has led us to new life in His Kingdom! Alleluia! He will reign forever for His name is the Almighty Father, who is Our God, and His name is Jesus Christ, who is Our Lord and Redeemer, and His name is the Holy Spirit, who is Our Lord and Saviour! One God forever and ever! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen.