Diary of Wisdom and Love

What the Lord has given us today


Our God woke me at 5am to get ready for the train ride to see my cousins and I fell back asleep. I had had a dream in which He showed me three crucifixes one of which I kept searching for in the dream: an ornate crucifix made of gold. He has told me that the dream was given by Him and was to tell me to follow Him into His Holy Catholic Church.

I woke an hour before my train was due to depart. He took my feet and led me around the house to collect my belongings and He asked me to ask my F001 for help in packing my clothes for the journey.

I arrived at the station in plenty of time for my train and He gave me want of a sandwich and a coffee. I sat on the wrong platform waiting for my train at 8:39am, not realising it was arriving on the adjacent platform and then He gave me knowledge of this at 8:41am after the train had departed.

He told me to speak to a train attendant on the platform who told me they would allow me to travel on the next train at 9:40, and just to ask them when I get on the train. The Lord told me to ask them to change my ticket and led me to the ticket office to change my ticket. They offered me an excess amount to change my journey and I waited on the platform for the train to arrive.

He led me onto the train and to a seat next to a man who I saw had a Bible and was studying the Gospel of Mark. Our Lord Jesus Christ told me to ask the man if He was studying and I learnt he was studying to be an Anglican vicar like his father. Our God then asked us to talk about His Sweet Heart and the prayers He had asked me to give to him. I gave him copies of my diary entries and we prayed to Him using the words He gave to me.

When I arrived at my uncle’s house I shared the prayers of His Sweet Heart with my cousins and told them that He will help them and He is with them.

He told me to take my cousin to the restaurant he wanted to go to and He asked me to only take what my cousin did not want. Our God gave me the gift of a small starter which satisfied the hunger Our Lord had given to me. My cousin offered me half of his meal but Our God asked me to refuse it, knowing that my cousin was hungry.

Our God told me to ask my cousin for his help in serving Him next week in London. Our God told me to tell him that He needs him to help me in talking with my parents to allow me to serve Him. Our Lord provided me with a vision of me hugging my brother, my cousin, who offered to help me talk to my parents.

He took the remainder of the meal with him and I dropped him off on the way back to my hotel.

I returned to my hotel room with a packet of crisps Our Lord offered me as a gift which satisfied the appetite He had given me and asked me to message my parents that I was back.

I saw they were awake and phoned them. I told them what I was being asked to say by Our God and they became anxious.

I prayed to Our God to grant them mercy and to free them from anxiety and He then asked me to tell them that I would not go to London next week. I then messaged my parents to tell them I would not go to London using the words Our God gave me to write.

Our Lord Jesus Christ then told me to call my cousin and ask him if he would like to join me for breakfast at the hotel. Our God also told me to tell him that He had told me not to go to London.

My cousin insisted he would contact my F002 and F001 to try and understand what their concerns were.