Diary of Wisdom and Love

He has taught me how to pray


Our Lord Jesus Christ has given me instruction on prayer this night. He asked me to keep praying the Devotion to His Sweet Heart and taught me how to hear Him in my heart.

While praying I received visions of some of His Hearts, I received visions of the infant Jesus, Mary and the Almighty Father and I have seen the symbol of Christianity in the sky.

Then the Lord told me to write:

In His wisdom He gives life to His Kingdom
In His Glory He has taught me how to pray
My life is now with God in the Church
Bring me to you, Lord, show me Your way of Truth and Life.

Then the Lord said to me:

“When you want me, find me in your heart.
Ask me to be near you, and never leave your side.
Ask me to take you to my great Light.”