Diary of Wisdom and Love

Jesus showed me a vision of His Sweet Heart


It was bright red in colour with a golden cross resting on top of it. On the cross was Jesus Himself. The heart had a belt of white roses with green leaves around its center and a pink rose resting between the heart and its belt with the flower pointing away from the top left of the heart and the stem of the rose pointing towards the bottom right of the heart. There were no thorns on the roses. Around the circumference of the heart was a garland of purple and pink roses, without leaves or thorns.

After praying the Devotion to the Sweet Heart of Jesus He showed me another vision of Him holding His Sweet Heart. He had a crown of red and white roses on His head and they had no thorns and a gold ring on His finger. He was wearing a gown which shone like gold and a brown rope belt around His waist. The Heart was shining brightly and light radiated out behind it. His left hand was holding His Heart underneath and His right hand was making the sign of peace.

The Lord said to me:

“The cross is my crucifix, and through my wedding feast to the church you have eternal life.”

He asked me to find someone to draw this vision.