Diary of Wisdom and Love

His Sacred Heart


Then I saw the face of Our Lady, Our Mother, Queen of the Church. To Her right was His Sacred Heart with a cross above it. On each side of the cross were two crosses resting on them. Flames of the Holy Spirit were surrounding the crucifix and there was a ruby stone set into the centre of the crucifix which reflected flames of the Holy Spirit. There was a wound on the bottom left of His Sacred Heart which was bleeding. Around the heart there was a belt of thorns with a ruby stone set into its centre.

I began to pray to His Sweet Heart and I saw Mary had the infant Jesus in Her arms. He was lifted up to Heaven in Her arms and then the Almighty Father took Our Lord and put Him at Our Father’s Right Hand. The Almighty Father had a staff in His left hand and the same ruby stone burning brightly that was on the cross of His Sacred Heart.

Then I saw two angels adore His Sacred Heart one on either side looking toward the cross.